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south p.a.rents

We appreciate and commend all parents that are and have been willing to volunteer for our program and we look forward to working with all of you again this year!

  • The goal of South Parents is to help raise funds beyond the County Performing Arts budget to maximize the opportunity each year to fund production needs (equipment, etc), fund student needs in the program, fund additional training (choreography and voice coaching), and enhance the program through the production of high-quality shows to compete at a county and state-level.

  • Another goal of the booster board is to help manage the financial aspects of the program so that our directors are free to focus even more on the creative aspects of the program and the needs of the troupe.

  • Our number one priority is this South PA program and its students. We strive to help give them the best experience so they can grow and learn. One of the most important aspects of the parents/boosters is to create an environment that shows the students and directors how much their hard work and dedication is loved and appreciated by their families and the greater community.

  • This means we help provide meals, snacks, and water for rehearsals, oversee ticket sales, run the intermission sales of concessions, flowers & actor/techie buttons and decorate the lobby for shows.  We also aid in the organization of fundraising, assist the officers and reps with their needs for things such as Drama Camp and Theatre Banquet coordinate the advertising/fundraising/trade partnerships, coordinate Playbill ads and printing of the Playbills, posters & yard signs - and anything else we can do to aid the students as they work toward their amazing goals!


If you are a parent who is interested in being more involved with the boosters, don't hesitate to contact us!

we would love your help!!

We have and exciting line up for our 2023-2024 "long live the underdog" mainstage season!  our shows include urinetown, fantastic mr. fox and the hunchback of notre dame. we would love you to join us in supporting our program! please click the South Patron link below see our patronage levels, fill out the form and make your donation through paypal!


                                                                                                *if you prefer, you can print the form here and send it along with payment by check

                                                                                                 to any of the board members, Ms. Smithwick or Ms. Munn*

also join our band app!

while we try to get all events, volunteer opportunities and south pa info out to our parents as many ways as possible, our dedicated band group is definitely the best way to make sure you are in the know. click the link below and join today!

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