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who is south pa?

"Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantansize about a world we aspire to be.
                                       - Willem Dafoe

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south Pa is an enthusiastic and creative group of students who come together to explore the magical world of theatrical arts. We are community that fosters a passion for acting, directing, designing, and producing captivating performances. The thrill of bringing characters to life, interpreting scripts, and engaging in imaginative storytelling makes it an incredibly enjoyable experience – for our actors, our crew and the audience.

Beyond the stage, our troupe is a tight-knit family, fostering friendships, teamwork, and a sense of belonging.  We are a safe space where students can express themselves, build confidence, and embrace their individuality. Through collaborative efforts in rehearsals and performances, we develop invaluable communication and problem-solving skills.

South PA transcends the confines of the school, reaching out to the greater community through captivating productions. As the troupe we showcase our talents, we inspire, entertain, and connect with audiences, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts. Witnessing students' dedication and artistry enriches the community, encouraging support for the arts and fostering an appreciation for diverse perspectives.

Ultimately, South PA is much more than just a group of students - it's a transformative journey, cultivating creativity, empathy, and resilience. Its influence extends well beyond the spotlight, shaping a future generation of artists and engaged community members.

Our Team

All great troupes need great directors and strong leaders!

meet ours!

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our directors

our officers & reps

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