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Thespian Society

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Thespian Society is an honor society for members of South Forsyth's Theater programs. In order to become an official member, you have to earn enough thespian points to be officially inducted into the troupe! Thespian Society meets on the first Friday of every month, barring any special circumstances like early release and holidays.


To be inducted, you must earn 10 thespian points, regularly attend meetings, pay the induction fee, and attend our induction ceremony. Points are earned by participating in theater in various ways. You can earn points for acting in a musical, or ushering for a show! You can earn points for attending drama camp or participating in a theater festival or competition! After being inducted, you can earn more points to attain a higher rank of thespian such as Honor Thespian, National Honor Thespian, or even International Honor Thespian!


Becoming an inducted member of Thespian Troupe 5362 offers all sorts of fun opportunities! Inducted members can attend field trips such as Thescon annually or the New York City trip every other year. Troupe 5362 is also a great community of theater lovers and a wonderful way to make friends.

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Thespian Points

Email if you have a question regarding points.

Induction Point System and Honor Rank Summary

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