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Advanced Drama

1st Period with Smitty

This very active class incorporates performance and some technical aspects of theatre. Throughout the course of the year, students will produce two shows.  Students will be responsible for designing and implementing every facet of each show. This year, 1st period will be preparing the play James and the Giant Peach by David Wood for our annual children's show. 

*Audition Required*

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Acting & Production in Film

3rd Period with Smitty

Introduces the basics of acting and directing for the camera, with a focus on scene study and the differences between theatre and film. Students apply basic acting and directing techniques such as character development, audition techniques, vocal and physical techniques, and script analysis. Introduces students to on-camera performance in various genres and addresses the technical requirements of film acting such as framing, lighting, playing to the camera, shooting out of sequence, and other production considerations. Students explore the process of finding auditions for film and television and getting work on camera.

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Acting: Services

Any and all fees can be located in the Performing Arts Fees page.

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